Julia Woth

Event Manager

Julia Woth holds a Magister and a Bachelor degree from Goethe-University Frankfurt where she studied Political Sciences, Philosophy and German Literature. During her studies, she specialised in International Relations and Political Philosophy. She gathered working experience, among others, in an association for energy efficiency and a company developing solar converters. Currently working at Provadis School in Frankfurt, Julia took over the event management for the Summer School 2015 in Frankfurt from Nanja Nagorny who is now working on her PhD thesis. At Provadis School, Julia is also working on another Climate-KIC project– the professional education project Climactio, a French-German consortium, conducting its first pilot project on sustainability in the German chemical industry. As born from Frankfurt, she can provide much information about Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main-Region and its regional specifics.

Hannes Utikal

Concept Development

Hannes Utikal studied Business Administration in Germany, France and the US and made his PhD at the University of Cologne. After working for several years in an international business consultancy, he started as professor for business administration at Provadis-Hochschule. At Provadis, he leads the “Center for Industry and Sustainability” bridging the gap between basic research and practice. Hannes Utikal is editor on chief of the “Journal of Business Chemistry – the academic journal for management issues in the chemical industry” and edited the book “Future. Chemistry. Glimpses at the world of tomorrow” where he focusses on the need for interdisciplinary and cross-industry innovations.. At Climate-KIC, he manages the region Frankfurt/Hessen on behalf of Climate-KIC.