Programme – 2014

Energy Transition in Frankfurt: Overcoming Barriers to Change

Following Germany’s ambitious renewable energy strategy, Frankfurt am Main aims to fully transform its energy supply by the year 2050. This vision and objective was used again as a guiding theme for the 2014 thematic Climate KIC PhD Summer School, because of the great success of first PhD Summer School in 2013. On behalf of Climate-KIC, Provadis School will hosted this event in cooperation with the City of Frankfurt and support from TU Darmstadt and Goethe-University Frankfurt.

As the Masterplan 100% climate protection was adopted in May 2014, the 2014 edition of the PhD Summer School focused on the implementation of this Masterplan. The topics during the 2014 PhD Summer School were:

  • developing new financial models
  • initiating change in urban districts (area experiments)
  • mobilising a community (user Engagement)

In addition to the academic part of the program the participants had the chance to gain insights in real life transition challenges and state of the art solutions during discussions with high level experts and city representatives, plus several on-site visits and excursions. The participants from all over the world applied their gained knowledge to the transformation of the energy system in Frankfurt. As an assignment, participants elaborated a project plan for this transition in order to make Frankfurt’s energy transition happen.


The Purpose of the Climate-KIC PhD Summer School in general is:

  • to equip participants with the knowledge of transformative, socio-technical innovation using a systems approach
  • to enable PhD students to link their individual research projects to low carbon innovation activities
  • to provide practice oriented tools that students could use to enrich their individual projects
  • to exchange ideas between students and experts and to develop new project ideas for low carbon innovation

Theme of the Summer School is the “Energy Transition in Frankfurt”. The city of Frankfurt has decided to transform its energy supply to 100% renewable energy sources until the year 2050. A first implementation plan has been developed by the city of Frankfurt. In order to realize the desired change,

  1. new financial instruments
  2. participatory approaches and user involvement concerning the energy transition and
  3. area experiments as real-life examples for systemic change

are seen as crucial for a successful transition. These levers of change will receive special attention in the Summer School 2014.

Learning and Training Modules

The Summer School will include theoretical elements, practice-oriented parts and project work.

A: Lectures and Theoretical Elements

Background information on Transition Management and Multi-Level-Perspective, Sustainability and Finance as well as mobile policies will be provided by experts, for example:

  • Introduction into systems thinking and transition management
  • Multi-level perspective and actor analysis
  • Transition management: strategic niche management/ practical applications and tools (e.g. empowerment coaching, creative thinking)
  • The sustainability challenge in cities
  • Sustainability in the financial industry
  • Climate finance and new financial instruments
  • Mobile policies and best practices
  • User engagement and public participation in climate change policies

B: Practical Elements

Practical application of concepts will be showcased in discussions with practitioners (administration, business) and excursions/site visits. The following practical elements will be provided:

  • City excursions, highlighting transition challenges in the metropolitan area Frankfurt-Rhein-Main as well as an excursion to one selected city district where the city of Frankfurt has started its area experiments
  • Discussions with city authority and business experts – highlighting management challenges related to the energy transition
  • Visits to niche experiments and start-ups – discussion with project leaders and start-up companies

C: Assignment/Project Work

As a Summer School Assignment, participants will develop (in groups) concepts for the practical implementation of the Masterplan 100% Klimaschutz of the City of Frankfurt.

The outcome of the assignment will be presented and discussed in a workshop on the final day of the Summer School. As part of a small competition, the best outcomes will be rewarded.

The Summer School will be accompanied by coaches that provide guidance for the students in terms of the assignment and learning outcomes of the school. A framework for the development of the project plan will be provided by lecturers/ coaches.


Sunday (August 31st 2014)

16:00-18:00Frankfurt City TourExcursionvoluntary
19:30Joint DinnerMoschMosch, Baseler Akardenvoluntary

Monday (September 1st 2014)

9:00-10:00Welcome to the Climate-KIC PhD Summer School 2014 in Frankfurt am MainProvadis SchoolProf. Dr. Hannes Utikal (Provadis School), Wiebke Fiebig (Energiereferat), PD Dr. Heike Zimmermann-Timm (Goethe University), Rüdiger Schweer (Hessian Ministry of Economics)
10:00-10:30Expectations of the ParticipantsProvadis SchoolParticipants, Coaches
10:30-11:00Introductions of the Participants IProvadis SchoolParticipants
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-12:30Transitions and Climate ChangeProvadis SchoolProf. Dr. Fred Steward (University of Westminster)
12:30-13:00Introductions of the Participants IIProvadis SchoolParticipants
13:00-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-15:00Energy Transition in Frankfurt: Masterplan 100% Klimaschutz - What the City of Frankfurt expects from the Summer SchoolProvadis SchoolAlice Bauer (Municipal Energy Agency)
15:00-15:30Introductions of the Participants IIIProvadis SchoolParticipants
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
16:00-16:30Transforming Energy System and Cities – Solutions towards SustainabilityProvadis SchoolDr. Michael Kassner (Siemens)
16:00-17:30Panel Discussion: What are the key levers to accelerate the energy transition? Provadis SchoolDr. Michael Kassner, Wiebke Fiebig, Prof. Dr. Fred Steward, PD Dr. Heike Zimmermann-Timm
17:30-18:30Admin questions and reflection of the first dayProvadis SchoolParticipants, Coaches
19:00Joint DinnerZum Bären, Höchster Schlossplatzvoluntary
  • Knowing the aims of the Summer School and how the programme is structured
  • Expectations of the Summer School between City of Frankfurt and the participants are exchanged
  • First outlines of transition management and climate change are learned
  • Overview of the core topics of the Summer School is given

Tuesday (September 2nd 2014)

8:30-9:30Group Assignments: topics, expected outputs, processesProvadis SchoolCoaches
9:30-10:30Transition Cities: How cities try to become green Provadis SchoolProf. Dr. Fred Steward
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:30-13:30Transition Thinking and the Multi-Level-Perspective: deepening, broadening and scaling upProvadis SchoolProf. Dr. Frank Geels (University of Manchester)
13:30-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-17:30City Excursion: local area experiments to accelerate the energy transitionFrankfurt HöchstSusanne Petry (Architektur im Dialog)
17:30-18:00Admin and ReflectionProvadis SchoolParticipants, Coaches
  • Participants know what is expected from them in the assignments and project work
  • Introduction into transition thinking and the Multi-Level-Perspective
  • Introduction into systems innovation in cities
  • Participants get knowledge of and a feeling for the city, its energy problems and the City Council’s perspective
  • Experience real life transition examples in the city

Wednesday (September 3rd 2014)

8:30-9:30Debriefing and Reflection of the first two daysProvadis SchoolCoaches
9:30-10:00Academic Coaching - Introduction: What do I want to reach in the future?Provadis SchoolSteward, Zimmermann-Timm, Prof. Dr. Maresi Nerad (University of Washington), Dr. Sergio Castellari
10:00-11:00Academic Coaching – personal scientific career paths Provadis SchoolSteward, Zimmermann-Timm, Nerad, Castellari
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-13:00Academic Coaching - personal scientific career paths IIProvadis SchoolSteward, Zimmermann-Timm, Nerad, Castellari
13:00-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-16:00Lecture: Climate Change Policy - Mitigation and AdaptationProvadis SchoolDr. Sergio Castellari (CMCC, Italy)
16:00-16:30Coffee Break
16:30-18:00Market Place: Group AssignmentsProvadis SchoolCoaches
18:00-18:30Admin and ReflectionProvadis SchoolParticipants, Coaches

  • First impressions of the Summer School

  • Reflection of individual research projects, positioning own research in a transitions context/ in context to the Summer School

  • Discussion about scientific career paths

  • Background about climate change and energy policies

  • Collection and discussion of first ideas for the group assignments

Thursday (September 4th 2014)

09:15-10:30The cities and their own logic: How and why to become green?TU Darmstadt Energy CenterDr. Georgios Terizakis & PD Dr. Wolfram Lamping (TU Darmstadt)
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-11:45Local Climate Change Strategies - a Tool for Transition?TU Darmstadt Energy CenterPeter Werner (IWU)
11:45-12:30Energy Efficiency of BuildingsTU Darmstadt Energy CenterMarc Großklos (IWU)
12:30-13:45Lunch Break
13:45-15:00Energy System Analysis – an innovative tool to promote a low-carbon economyTU Darmstadt Energy CenterESA² - Energy System Analysis Agency
15:00-16:00Campus TourTU Darmstadt
16:00-16:30Coffee Break
16:30-18:30Formation of working groupsTU Darmstadt Energy CenterCoaches, Participants
18:30-19:00Admin and ReflectionTU Darmstadt Energy CenterCoaches, Participants
  • Getting insights in 3 or 4 (technical) areas central for transition in cities: e.g. city planning, green buildings, mobility and energy systems

  • Discussion of ideas and formation of groups on most promising project proposals

Friday (September 5th 2014)

9:00-9:15Welcome to the Finance DayCommerzbank Lateral TowersRüdiger Senft (Commerzbank AG, Corporate Responsibility)
9:15-10:30Social Business ModellingCommerzbank Lateral TowersCoaches
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:00Sustainable Financial Industry? Are private investments becoming green?Commerzbank Lateral TowersKarsten Löffler (Allianz)
12:00-13:00Economics of Energiewende; Economics of Climate Change
Commerzbank Lateral TowersProf. Dr. Andreas Löschel (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster)
13:00-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-15:30Sustainable Investment: sustainability ratings and institutional investments Commerzbank Lateral TowersDr. Maximilian Horster (South Pole Group)
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
16:00-18:00Financing the German EnergiewendeCommerzbank Lateral TowersSimone Löfgen (Commerzbank AG, Center of Competence Energy)
18:00-18:30Admin and ReflectionCommerzbank Lateral TowersCoaches, Participants
GoalsParticipants will focus on the following questions:
  • What is the role of sustainability criteria in professional investment decisions?

  • Do we need new financial models to accelerate the energy transition?

  • Can a market for sustainable investments be developed?

  • What is the role of the “financial center Frankfurt” (headquarter of large German banks and the European Central Bank) in the energy transition?

Saturday (September 6th 2014)

16:00-17:00Responsibility in a Climate Change Mitigation Regime?
Provadis SchoolProf. Dr. Darrell Moellendorf (Goethe-University, Excellence Cluster Normative Orders)
17:30-18:30Climate-KIC Alumni Event-WorkshopProvadis SchoolJudith Gröschel (CKAA)
From 19:00Joint Dinner with Climate-KIC Pioneers and Alumni ALEX Skylineplaza Frankfurtvoluntary

Sunday (September 7th 2014)

12:00-21:30Day-Trip Rheingau:
boat trip
wine tasting
Rüdesheim – St.
Kloster Eberbach, Eltville

Monday (September 8th 2014)

09:30-10:30First Pitches of the Group Assignment PlansProvadis SchoolParticipants
10:30-12:30Group WorkProvadis SchoolParticipants, Coaches
12:30-13:00Reflection about the first week of the Summer School and the work on the group assignments
Provadis SchoolCoaches, Participants
13:00-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-15:00User Involvement
Energy and Climate Change Strategy of Induytrial Park Hoechst
Provadis SchoolDiscussant: Dr. Roland Mohr (CEO Infraserv)
15:30-17:30ExcursionIndustrial Park HoechstDr. Robert Schleich, Matthias Schubert (Infraserv)
17:30-18:00Admin and ReflectionProvadis SchoolCoaches, Participants
  • Groups present their first concept ideas of the group assignment and sharpen their ideas

  • Participants learn about the energy concept and challenges with regard to energy supply for industry in Frankfurt Höchst

Tuesday (September 9th 2014)

9:30-10:45Transition Stories and Urban Climate Change Policies from HelsinkiProvadis SchoolAlpo Tani (City of Helsinki, Finland)
10:45-12:00The Green City Movement: Stories from NY, London and c40Provadis SchoolMartin Powell (Siemens)
12:00-13:00Lunch Break
13:00-14:00Knowledge Transfer and Policy Mobility in the “Masterplan-Municipalities”
Provadis SchoolArne Riedel (ecologic)
14:00-15:00Why and how cities cooperate in networks and what role do such networks play for knowledge and policy transfer in a changing climate?Provadis SchoolGiorgia Rambelli (ICLEI)
15:00-15:30Coffee Break
15:00-18:00Group WorkProvadis SchoolParticipants, Coaches, City of Frankfurt
18:00-18:30Admin and ReflectionProvadis SchoolParticipants, Coaches
  • Theoretical reflection on mobile policies, policy transfer and best practices/ experience sharing in climate change policies

  • Examples and case studies from other cities/regions in Europe

  • How can the process of the green transition in cities be accelerated or improved?

Wednesday (September 10th 2014)

Citizen Engagement and User Involvement

9:00-10:00 ClimateEveryday – low emission lifestlyes in the zero-emission-city: Lessons from Frankfurt and MunichGoethe-University, Campus Westend, PEG BuildingDr. Immanuel Stieß (ISOE)
10:00-11:00Urban Gardening in FrankfurtGoethe-University, Campus Westend, PEG BuildingKaren Schewina (Stadtteilbotschafterin Frankfurter Berg)
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-13:00Practical Insights: Methods, Formats and Lessons Learned from Switzerland and Scandinavia
Goethe-University, Campus Westend, PEG BuildingMikko Rissanen (Dialog Basis)
13:00-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-18:00World Café on Project Ideas – Introduction and DiscussionGoethe-University, Campus Westend, PEG BuildingHeike Zimmermann-Timm
18:00-19:00Campus Westend Tour Goethe-University Campus Westend, PEG Building
19:00-19:30Admin and ReflectionGoethe-University, Campus Westend, PEG BuildingParticipants, Coaches
  • Participants improve their group assignments and discuss it in the light of transition management

  • Participants get feedback and answers to questions from a high-level personality

Thursday (September 11th 2014)

9:00-11:00Public Speaking Coaching
Provadis SchoolParticipants, Coaches
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-18:00Group WorkProvadis SchoolParticipants, Coaches
Independent Lunch
  • Participants finish their proposal to the city council (written report)

  • Participants prepare a presentation for the city council

Friday (September 12th 2014)

11:00-11:30Welcome: Impressions from the Summer School
IHK Frankfurt, BörsenplatzHannes Utikal
11:30-11:45Jury Criteria and ExplanationIHK Frankfurt, BörsenplatzChair of the Jury
11:45-12:45Presentations Groups 1-3IHK Frankfurt, BörsenplatzParticipants
12:45-13:45Lunch Break
13:45-14:45Presentations Groups 4-6IHK Frankfurt, BörsenplatzParticipants
14:45-15:15Coffee Break
15:15-16:15Announcement of the JuryIHK Frankfurt, BörsenplatzChair of the Jury
16:15-16:30Official ClosingIHK Frankfurt, BörsenplatzHannes Utikal
19:00Farewell Dinner Goldmund im Literaturhaus, Schöne Aussichtvoluntary
23:00PartyVelvet Clubvoluntary
  • Multi-perspective workshop: Explore project ideas in an interdisciplinary and multi-background setting

  • Presentation and discussions of assignment results- defining next steps and responsibilities