Greetings – 2013


Dear Climate-KIC summer school participants,
Dear ladies and gentleman,

Climate change is one of mankind’s biggest challenges. This challenge affects and therefore connects industrial and developing countries as well as cities and regions. In facing climate change we have to change the way we live and fundamentally cut back in economic terms. Nearly every aspect of life will be affected by climatic change. In scientific terms we therefore need to make great economic and social transformations. Europe intends to be a frontrunner in these transformations.

The City of Frankfurt has been thoroughly committed to the challenge of climate change for a long time. In recent years, the carbon footprint of each inhabitant has been reduced considerably. As a commuter city we are proud of the fact that we are able to increase our public transport network substantially and urban planning is already considering the anticipated climatic changes. These efforts were recognised by the EU in 2012, when Frankfurt was one of three finalists of the European Green Capital award. Frankfurt’s new goal is now to be supplied 100% by renewable energy by 2050. This decision was taken unanimously by the city in 2012. At the moment we are working on a master plan for our great project to make the Frankfurter Energiewende happen. We are still at the beginning of our plan and are therefore very pleased that you are here to work on this topic during your summer school, developing new ideas and maybe shaping the process of this major project. I am looking forward to seeing your work on the project with great interest.
In an exemplary manner you, as members of the Climate-KIC network, show that the huge challenge of climate change still requires the cooperation of different countries and institutions. May this summer school be a little step on the path towards the great transformation in Europe and may you take your experiences back with you to your own countries.

I hope you have a fascinating and enjoyable time in Frankfurt!

Rosemarie Heilig