Greetings – 2014

WelcomePortrait Al-Wazir

Dear Climate-KIC Summer School participants,

Dear ladies and gentleman,

Climate change is a global challenge – but at any place somewhat different: developing countries face different challenges than industrial countries; metropolitan areas face other problems than rural areas. Nowhere, however, fighting climate change will succeed without close cooperation between policy, business and science. Hence, I am delighted that the Climate-KIC PhD Summer School will focus again this year on the implementation of the Master Plan „100% Klimaschutz“ of the city of Frankfurt. I am convinced that this year’s program offers more than enough inspiration for the spirit of research and provides space for innovative ideas and new contacts. That is why we as the state government of Hesse continuously support the Climate-KIC PhD Summer School and the underlying regional network of Provadis School, the City of Frankfurt as well as the Goethe University Frankfurt and the Technical University of Darmstadt.

As one of six Climate-KIC regions in Europe (RIC – Regional Implementation and Innovation Community) Hesse holds also a prominent position in climate change action. This is reflected by the Hessian energy efficiency initiatives, as well as various projects such as „Hesse Active: 100 municipalities for mitigating climate change“ and „CO2 neutral state administration„. Against this background I would like to thank all participants of the Summer School already today for the impulses which you will provide us with your involvement. I wish you a great success and an exciting time in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region, as well as inspiring ideas for the Energiewende.

Signatur Al-Wazir

Tarek Al-Wazir
Hessian Minister of Economy, Energy, Transport and Regional Development